Omega warfare takes place in a post apocalyptic nuclear world based on the year 2300 where 70% of all cities are destroyed during the third World War. Water is radiated and the air is polluted. The other 30% is in complete perfect shape. The world is seperated between 2 nations, The Soul and the Soulless. The soulless owns that 30% with high tech technology and perfect living environments. While the rest of the world is in complete chaos. There is only one rule, be a soul, or become a Soulless.


Omega warfare is a fast FPS game with rpg/rts ellements. Meaning, you have to level up your character. Level up your own army, and make choices what kind of technology you will have.
Complete missions and side quests, YOU make the call who is your enemy or friend. Create your own base and army, and use them in missions. So if your current team is not enough, then send extra firepower.
But that is not all. You are the main commander of the best force of the planet, called the Omega team a sub division of the soulless. each and every omega member has unique special powers. Use it, create and obtain more power, and show the world who you are. But dont be fooled easly, Everyone has his secrets, Find out how it feels to be powerless? feared, betrayed, and even death himself. Your Warfare awaits.

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