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Big update February 21st 2010!!

Thanks to our sponsors, we were able to get the Crytech engine ! Now all developments will go much faster then expected, the editor is brilliant and extremely fast. But probly most people see the word Crytech and think of Crysis. a game that asks alot of hardware power, for those people who had trouble running Crysis, dont worry ! we guarenty that you can play the game ! even if you have a low lod machine.

We would also like to share that this project will have a SDK. so you can create your own world.

The SDK will be released after the game. And for those who like DLC'S this game will have DLC"S ! like level packs, weapon/magic packs and many more goodies for free!

Update March 28th 2010

World of Mandana (WOM) gets a online mode ! Play in our gladiator arena and play as the enemy ! You gain experiance and money, and with that money you can unlock( buy) more enemies to play with. For those who dont like online modes dont worry, When you are inside the area you will see all the fights that acurs in the online mode. So its a great place to hang out, get more experiance and money. Or start your very own riot VS the arena guards. and many more rewards awaits. And we are hiring!

  • Modellers,
  • Concept artists,
  • Programmers,
  • Voice actors,
  • So if you are interested send a email to machine.angel@hotmail.com and as subject add (job) and inside the email tell us what you apply for and we will contact you asap. But you can also send me a pm on moddb. or go to the contact page. Everyone is allowed to join, beginners to pro's.

    List of Features

  • Fast level up system for weapons, magic and the characters itself.
  • A wide variation of weapons, magic spells and different outfits for the main characters.
  • Ambush system! sneaking enemies from behind gives you a damage multiplier of X2.0
  • Adaptable AI. All enemies can pick a waypoint of their own and create their own tactics.
  • Experiance death animations you never seen before.
  • Solve puzzles, and work together with your team to solve them.
  • Tired of playing with the same main character? Then switch to a other member.
  • Coop mode ! play with (max ) 4 friends or people across the world.
  • Fight in the gladiator arena in multiplayer.
  • atleast 40+ hours of thrilling story + 30+ hours of additional side quests.
  • All actions depend on your choices, Make the right one !
  • Explore enemy weakness points to cause more damage.
  • Wide open levels ready for exploring.
  • Experiance the 3point camera ! Fps, Shoulder view and the classic topdown.
  • Fight the boss or the mini boss in Fps mode, or enjoy the enviorment in shoulder view and kill and explore the world in the classic topdown !
  • More then 100 different enemies, and 50+ special mark enemies.
  • Loading takes no longer then 5 seconds ! thanks to the Cryengine stream technology.
  • State of the art cut scenes, in Directx 11 (also supports dx9 and 10)
  • Multi console support and multiple os! like windows, mac and linux but also ps3 and xbox.
  • And for those who like to cheat, use our special objects inside the game, however be very carefull when to use it! Death lies in every corner to hunt you down.
  • And many many more !

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